Jan 31, 2013

Pop Vocalist MATT ZARLEY | Performer Matt Zarley has carved out quite the place for himself in music. The veteran singer has done stage, film and transitioned smoothly onto the pop scene with his wonderfully cool and sexy musical sound. Now taking his music and doing some good with it, he’s channeling his art and helping to make a difference in social change!

Nov 15, 2011

Comedian WANDA SYKES | One of my first cover pieces to be featured in the (then) innovative Digital Magazine for EDGE Media Network, featured the outspoken and award-winning comedian, an icon and LGBTQ advocate who is always on the front lines of making it all worth smiling about!

Cover Story published Nov. 2011

Mar 20, 2016

Singer COLTON FORD | remains one of the more enigmatic voices in pop music today. On his latest album, the self-titled Glenn Soukesian the artist is going back to the basics and delivers one of his most profound works yet. Check out the interview as he takes us behind-the-scenes and into the studio.

Interview published in March, 2016

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