“Out Loud & Live!” is Back! Stay Tuned!

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Welcome to a new era in broadcasting! “Out Loud and Live!” is just the forum that I’ve been looking for to get my voice and our unique stories out there, giving me the opportunity to share some of my favorite interview profiles and topical to pop-culture commentary. I’m sharing it all with you! These are our times. These are our stories! Get ready and get OUT LOUD!

Let’s get reacquainted! It’s been a long time (too long if you ask me) but things are starting to take shape. Bringing together this podcast “Out Loud & Live!” once upon a time when podcasts weren’t a “thing” was truly very exciting to me. As the TSHQ gets revamped and reconstructed, jumping back into producing the podcast will be just the creative platform I’m eager to jump back into again and I’m looking forward to bring you all along for the ride. In the meantime, hit the subscribe icon at the top of the page (it’ll take you to Apple Podcast) on iTunes and check out this sample episode here. These are exciting time ahead! Let’s get Out Loud together! - JC

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