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Pop Diva | KRISTINE W is still on top of the Dance Charts and continues to innovate as one of the music industry’s hardest working independent artists. From her explosion on the club scene in the early 90s, Kristine W keeps blowing it up! 

Here is an interview with the dance floor maven that appeared in the EDGE Digital Magazine first published March 2013.

Mar 20, 2016

Leading Lady CANDICE PATTON | The CW’s runaway hit series Arrow has given rise to an entire “multiverse” of super heroics in primetime and leading the overdrive into the expanding DC Comics TV Universe (DCTV) is the 2014 reboot of The Flash. The series stars Candice Patton who plays the role of “Iris West-Allen”. 

Here is my interview as it appeared on the EDGE Media Network site, on the eve of the launch of the new series in 2014.

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Feb 8, 2015

Party Monster MICHAEL ALIG | One of club-life’s most legendary personalities returns to the “scene” (so-to-speak)! Former NYC Limelight Club promoter Michael Alig was centrifugal to the rise of the “Club Kid” movement of the late-80s, but how could he have imagined that his name would be forever linked to one of the most nefarious murders on the dance floor? Now out of prison, Alig is returning to the spotlight and shares his story here.

The interview is available as it first appeared in the EDGE Digital Magazine.


Singer/Songwriter JUSTIN UTLEY | knows all about the struggle to stay on top — whether focused on his music or the challenges he’s faced in his own life, Utley has always channelled his energy to maintain his authentic self and be “as real” as it gets. Through his music and skill, he shapes great stories about facing adversity and especially finding love.

This interview was featured in the EDGE Digital Magazine and appeared in the Feb 2014 issue.

August 2013

Broadway’s BILLY PORTER | On the eve of winning his TONY Award for his incredible stage performance in the hit Broadway musical “Kinky Boots” the extraordinary talent chatted with me on his success and the struggles to make it all fit as his star continues to climb!

EDGE Digital Magazine Cover Story published Aug. 2013

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