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iFeature | JOHN DIGGLE Returns to the Arrowverse!

Tue, 8 Dec 2020

by JC Alvarez

The Green Arrow’s right hand man may have wrapped up his run as the Emerald Archer’s wing-man as The CW came to a conclusion. Now it appears that actor David Ramsey will be returning next season to the ARROWVerse, but will he be leading a new charge?

At the conclusion of Arrow, the sure-footed, straight-shooting John Diggle, played by series regular David Ramsey was mourning the loss of his best friend and bother-at-arms who had sacrificed himself to end the “Crisis on Infinite Earths”. In effect redefined the primetime ARROWVerse (sometimes called the “Berlantiverse), and in many cases altered the fate of some of the long-running show’s central characters, some of which returned from the “crisis” and settled on a new Earth-Prime!

As Diggle, who for most of the series’ run worked alongside Star City’s hooded vigilante, the Green Arrow (played by the show’s lead Stephen Amell) as the gun-toting Spartan, the audience’s final shot of him in the series-ender has Diggle investigating a mysterious green-glowing meteorite crater and opening a seemingly unassuming jewel case that radiates an emerald light. Providing the final act’s voiceover, Diggle admits to the resolution that “this universe, is far bigger than any of us could dare imagine.”

With the actor reportedly signing on for a series of at least 5 appearances in the upcoming 2021 season of The CW primetime shows, is it possible that John Diggle’s fate will be revealed? Ramsey will be reprising his role in 2021 appearing in The Flash, the newest series Superman & Lois, Supergirl, and Batwoman, with a “top secret” role in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow suggesting that the character may play a significant part in the upcoming crossover event. This could lead to the mystery surrounding that show’s cliffhanger ending last season.

With DC’s Legends Sara Lance (Caity Lotz) having been apparently abducted by aliens, perhaps Diggle will be joining the time crusaders in an effort to rescue her from hostile forces. It’s been speculated by many among the most die-hard fans that John Diggle has a much bigger role to play in the DCTV universe! It was first alluded to in the 2018 “Elseworlds” crossover event when The Flash of Earth-90 (played by the “OG” actor John Wesley Shipp) appeared at a crucial moment in the heroes’ plight and revealed that he “didn’t recognize” Diggle without his ring.

Is it possible that Diggle is in fact the DCTV Universe’s Green Lantern?! His step-father introduced in Season Seven, played by guest star Ernie Hudson, bears the last name of “Stewart” and the two estranged men appeared to have mended their grievance. Could John, in this new world, take up the name of “Stewart” as his own and reemerge as “John Stewart”? Anything is possible, and with Berlanti Productions has announced that a Green Lantern ongoing series is in development for HBO Max, could Ramsey appear as the cornerstone of that new venture?

We’ll have to wait and see, but fortunately, the new seasons of all The CW series are in full swing and are set to premiere early in 2021! Ramsey has also been tapped to direct several new episodes of the shows including Superman & Lois and episodes in the final season of Supergirl.

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