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iFeature | MARVEL Studios Reveals Its Upcoming Line-Up

Tue, 22 Dec 2020

by JC Alvarez

The Infinity War was won, but the endgame was just the beginning! After a decade of dominating at the box office Marvel Comics had evolved, transcended beyond just the pages of the pulp magazines that made it a pop phenomenon. At its most recent investor’s meeting Kevin Feige the President of Marvel Studios couldn’t contain his excitement, or in the least, his pride as he introduced the “next phase” of the real-life adventures of the heroes, villains, and worlds now part of a larger cinematic universe.

The first original series to emerge from the MCU will be WandaVision spinning the two, heroic Avengers — reprising their roles, Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany — into the limelight and continuing their unusual love story. As the Scarlet Witch, Wanda (Olsen) proved a formidable opponent before ultimately siding with our heroes. Alongside the synthetic construct given conscious, The Vision they became Avengers. Premiering on Disney+ January 15th, the series is already drawing incredible buzz for its homage to iconic television sitcoms, as it appears that Wanda and The Vision inhabit a black and white world (at times) reminiscent of the Golden Age of Television. 

Elizabeth Olsen will also be appearing in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness which will be released on March 25, 2022, and is currently shooting in London. The sequel to the Marvel Universe’s Sorcerer Supreme escapades starring Benedict Cumberbatch will have direct ties to the events in WandaVision and reportedly will also lead into the next installment of the MCU’s Spider-Man reboots with Tom Holland returning as the web-slinger and opening the door into the MCU multiverse which is rumored to be inhabited by many of the villains we’ve already encountered including Alfred Molina as Doctor Octopus and Jamie Foxx as Electro.

The next original series to launch on Disney+ reunites The Falcon and the Winter Soldier in what Feige is promising will be the big-screen blockbuster that will play out over the course of 6-installments. The mini-series reunites Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan as the unlikely pair inheriting the mantle from the First Avenger, Captain America, Steve Rogers (Chris Evans). The duo are determined to remain true to their friend’s heroic legacy, and end up caught in a dark conspiracy that will take them all over the world! Emily VanCamp will be reprising her role of Agent Sharon Carter.

Also coming to Disney+ is Loki starring Tom Hiddleston as the God of Mischief, in a misadventure of his own. Although it had appeared that Loki met his end at the hand of Thanos in the epic Avengers: Infinity War during the time-traveling events of that film’s follow-up Avengers: Endgame, Loki had apparently disappeared! Where he ended up will get explored in this original series that will be bouncing all over the place and reveal an entirely new side of this fan-favorite character.

The first Marvel Studios animated series based inside of the MCU will be What If? which will turn the Marvel Cinematic Universe on its ear and explore the multiverse and all its possibilities with the omnipotent character, The Watcher navigating the audience through every action-packed episode. Also joining the slate of Original Series will be several newcomers including Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk and Moon Knight and another old favorite Hawkeye starring Jeremy Renner. In his presentation, Feige confirmed that The Black Widow starring Scarlett Johansson will also get a proper theatrical release in theaters in 2021.

The President of Marvel Studios cemented the importance of Disney+ and how the subscriber-based streaming service will be the home for new and more expansive content to come, set in the MCU and certainly connected to and leading right onto their big-screen offerings, guaranteeing the continuation of Marvel films and original content for years to come.

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